Monthly Archives: August 2010

This is the first installment of what I hope will be a regular feature on my blog. Spec of the Month gives me the opportunity to showcase my talents as a creative, free from the constraints of the “real world”. If you’d like to get involved and suggest a brand for me have a crack at then please leave a comment below.

Speculative press ad for Nurofen painkillers

Total Taxi Service (TTS) provides competitive accounting services designed specifically for taxi drivers. I was asked by FA Accounting (the company behind TTS) to create an indentity that would appeal to their target market and still work alongside their established brand.

This viral targeted a slightly younger homeowner by giving the incumbent frontman of Safestyle’s TV advertising a makeover with a distinctly street flava. The result was 50 Percent, a rapper with lyrical skills more akin to Lancashire hot-pot than New York hip-hop.

Borrowing and lending between friends and neighbours is great, but as this little viral movie for uSHARE reminds us, there are some things you positively, absolutely, under no circumstances wish to share.

This viral was written, art directed and edited by me.

This speculative TV campaign attempts to convey the infectious nature of the music that Kiss FM plays. Unfortunately for these poor souls, the songs they heard on the radio enter their stream of consciousness at the most inopportune moments.