Monthly Archives: August 2010

This campaign for the Gillette Rugby League Tri-Nations exploded onto 48 sheets, 6 sheets and press in host cities including London, Manchester and Leeds in November 2005. My decision to feature a star player from each of the 3 competing on specially designed fireworks certainly ignited a lot of interest as record attendances were seen at many of the grounds.

Party poppers handed out at group games offering fans a chance to win Final tickets

Speculative stunt to promote the AUS v NZ Final

Car-related crimes account for 13% of all recorded crime in England and Wales. In 2007-08 1.5 million vehicle-related thefts were recorded, around 30% of which took place in car parks. This speculative campaign for Stoplock targets motorists who may be unaware of the risk their car is at whenever they leave it to do the weekly shop.

Warning sign in a supermarket car park

Supermarket shopping trolley ad

Guerilla advertising on a burnt out car

The Congestion Charge was never very popular but when it was announced that it would be increasing from £5 to £8 it was enough to turn the air blue. This Swear Box was sent to small businesses in London and presented them with 2 options: either pay £8 every time you say the “C word” or buy a G-Wiz and never mention it again.

This was sent to media buyers to promote the huge advertising opportunity that was ITV Sport’s coverage of the Rugby World Cup from the land down under. Each kit contained 6 doses of “Emergency Mouth Wash” (lager to you and me) neatly presented in an upside down tinny.

If I could choose just one piece of work to represent my creativity then this speculative campaign for Scrabble would be it. My brief was simple: think of a fun way for potential Scrabblers to remember high-scoring words. I call it the jollification of erudition.