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Forths asked me to design them some courtesy cards to send to clients following a meeting.

I came up with three designs with varying degrees of formality in their tone of voice, giving them the option to match a to their individual client relationships.

This is the first installment of what I hope will be a regular feature on my blog. Spec of the Month gives me the opportunity to showcase my talents as a creative, free from the constraints of the “real world”. If you’d like to get involved and suggest a brand for me have a crack at then please leave a comment below.

Speculative press ad for Nurofen painkillers

This viral targeted a slightly younger homeowner by giving the incumbent frontman of Safestyle’s TV advertising a makeover with a distinctly street flava. The result was 50 Percent, a rapper with lyrical skills more akin to Lancashire hot-pot than New York hip-hop.